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In today's competitive market having technology, tools and right resources still remains a key factor to any organization. Staxinfo Systems Inc is a leader in AWS, Azure, VMware, Dell, Salesforce and other I.T. business solutions. We utilize our talent management, project management, application development, and infrastructure management expertise to deliver IT solutions that support our clients strategic objectives.



Staxinfo Systems Inc true consulting partner to its valuable customers. Our mission is to act as an extension to the SME sectors, to aid in the successful roll out of Cloud solutions, IT Infra and CRM with IT transformation and technology initiatives.


Staxinfo Systems Inc Vision is to consistently improve on the capabilities of its team in specialized areas of expertise. With the enriched product and business knowledge, Staxinfo Systems Inc recommends its clients to accelerate the IT transformation into a single integrated platform and real-time reporting for achieving their business objectives. It is this trusted adviser role that will allow Staxinfo Systems Inc to act as a true partner throughout these initiatives.



Staxinfo Systems Inc is a leader in truly flexible Cloud, IT Infra, CRM and other I.T. business solutions. Through the company's innovative and targeted solutions we help you win customer loyalty and control costs by helping you gain greater control of your operations. By focusing on selected vertical markets, we deliver deep domain expertise to the industries that we serve.

  • Proven Customer Success
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • And an On-Going Commitment to Your Success


Companies today can't afford to wait for their applications to catch up to their business. Now with solutions offered by Staxinfo Systems Inc, they don't have to. Sophisticated customizations that used to take weeks or months with traditional software can be fully deployed within minutes, thanks to the products utilized by Staxinfo Systems Inc's flexible technology platform.

Valuable customer and business insights on demand

Staxinfo Systems Inc's technology includes robust yet easy-to-use tools that allow any user to run standard reports or create customized reports in order to gain valuable insight into your customer relationships and your business operations using SAP Technologies like Custom dashboards giving managers and executives a real-time snapshot of the business to guide critical decisions.


The services we offer are specifically focused on the needs of the industries like manufacturing industries/ Banking/Service sector. An average Staxinfo Systems Inc consultant has over 10 years of experience in the industry that he or she serves. We offer a deep base of best practice knowledge gained by implementing hundreds of enterprise solutions worldwide. Our consultants know your industry, understand your challenges, and have first-hand experience with solving them. In addition, we offer the services of some of the countries most experienced SAP consultants.


At Staxinfo Systems Inc we have an on-going commitment to our customer's success. We understand the critical role that our solutions play in the success of our customers business. We thrive on solving even the toughest business challenges with solutions that benefit our customers in ways that our competitors cannot.

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